Monday, September 14, 2009


those of you who know me know how to pronounce the title of this blog. it is "teeny", not "tiny", and it is spelled "tiny" not "teeny" because that is how my mom writes it and my mom made it up, so she gets to decide how it is spelled. it is a nickname, derived from my name, from the end instead of the beginning. my mom didn't like chrissy, thankfully, because neither do i. so i became "tiny". get it? good!
i have tried to maintain several different blogs about several different parts of my life, but never been successful. so i decided to try one more time by having a blog that is just about my life, all the different and disparate parts of it, all in one place. this occurred to me in one of my many bouts of insomnia that i am getting really sick of.
i am going to try and be faithful to it and hoping to add lots of my blogging friends to my blogroll to help with that. i guess having them add me to theirs is really what will help. whatever. i am tired! but there is a lot, maybe too much, going on in this tiny world and maybe it will help to spill it all out and share it.