Wednesday, December 23, 2009

whoa, here it is.

tomorrow is christmas eve. well, well, well. i could easily start this out with a list of things i didn't get done. didn't mail any inlaw gifts. did get most inlaw gifts. but they are sitting here in the "stuff that still needs to be wrapped" pile. not too cool. new year's gifts! yeah.
didn't make ANYTHING that i am giving this year. oh well. i have been sick on top of being really busy at work, busy here at home with short stack, who (knock wood knock wood knock wood) didn't really get too sick, but with me at about 30% energy level he has been spinning me right round baby, right round. yep, like a record baby. plus i have been spending my usual LOTS of time at my parent's house, so nothing getting done on those days.
psst, i will tell you a secret. josh is looking for a job in plano or richardson and we are going to move up that way this year. egads.

so i still have to wrap some gifts, clean up the playroom for company and get the dishes and serving stuff out for tomorrow. then i am taking a shower and going to bed.

tomorrow first thing we are heading over to geneva's with gifts, for her and the kids. what would i do without this amazing woman and her family? shudder to think.
so, i am leaving vincent there for a while, and running to get my nails done, (ONLY because i managed to break one today, nice. this gorgeous "black cherry chutney" polish does not exactly let much slip unnoticed in the big-ass crack department.) and to get my bangs cut. oh, and the liquor store for brandy for my cherries jubilee. then i will come back for vincent and head home, where my mom should be by then. we will then cook like mad for three or four hours, then i will, and i repeat will take a shower, dry my hair and put make up on like a proper hostess cupcake before everybody gets here.

alright, going to set the tables. excited. ho ho ho.

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