Monday, January 18, 2010

my donation to haiti, and some food that is not indian, and a stress list.

well, after texting 10 dollars to yele on the prompting of the president of the agency that i work for and subsequently finding out that a) text donations may take up to 90 days to get to where they were intended to go and that, more disturbing, b) yele is under investigation for fraud, i made a donation to doctors without borders, and then donated a cooking lesson to a raffle that a cool mom that i know is putting together. a lesson on how to make...wait for it...indian food! i know how to make a lot of things, but i guess that indian food is something that needs to be demystified for people, so i hope it raises a little bit of cash. they are moving bodies in port au prince from the street to mass graves using bulldozers. for real.
so, today i also made a salad-type thing that is really good when you are feeling lazy and/or poor. it is basically a chicken salad, here are the ingredients:
2-3 c chopped, cooked chicken. today i poached b/s breasts, but you can use anything, especially left over roasted chicken. mmmmm.
1 c chopped celery
3-4 little red skin potatoes
5 hard boiled eggs
1/4 cup mayo
1/4 cup sour cream
2 tbs grey poupon mustard, or whatever kind you like
8 baby dill pickles, i love best maid, with the red chilis in the jar
garlic salt, celery salt, pepper, dried dill to taste.

there is no photo tutorial for this, since you chop every thing up and toss it with the wet ingredients. really. it is chicken salad, i just like to add the potato and egg and pickles for protein and flavor. this stuff is also really good blitzed in the food processor, like a spread. mmmm.
look good? it is.

anyway, in other scintillating news, i have decided i need to start on a stress list, that is a list of things that are currently stressing me out and contributing to, if not causing, my insomnia. here is a start:
1. my car. the SRS light, the maintenance light, the cigarette lighter doesn't work, and the locks are all messed up. get this hoopty to the honda dealer, for the love of fuck.
2. my warrant. yes, i forgot to pay a stop sign ticket i got ON MY BIRTHDAY, thanks, oinker. and now i have a warrant. need to get rid of that.
3. i need to make an appointment with the FM doctor my friend kat recommended.
4. i need to see my PCP for medication side effect issues.
5. i need to START the work on my teeth, even though it is going to be really expensive and take a long time.

ok. for today, i am going to get my nails done, my eyebrows waxed, and possibly even a pedicure. i haven't decided on that last bit yet.

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  1. (Gauri Radha here)

    Sounds good about the mini-spa treatment!

    And I hope you can decrease stress-levels soon. I must do the same by the way.