Wednesday, October 21, 2009

well, hello there!

there is a lot going on in my world right now.
in no particular order, i am totally on a mission to get back to the gym and going on a gradual cleanse. i am waiting for my incredibly stressful job situation to either take a turn that i am lobbying for, or beginning a true job search. josh is finishing his student teaching and his bachelor's degree in the next six weeks and will begin his first real job search. vincent is about to turn five, oh my gawd, and we need to make some decisions about how he spends his days as well. which totally affects my job/job search, either way. we are considering a move to somewhere that the public school is more acceptable than the one where we live now, where josh is student teaching, because that one is nowhere near acceptable. and i am trying to get it together to make christmas presents because after almost a year of one part time income and unemployment, we are totally broke.
did i forget anything? i am sure that i did. plenty.
as usual i have 397 projects that i am putting together in my brain. the two that are at the top and time sensitive are painting vincent's room and getting his big boy furniture purchased, assembled, and arranged before his birthday weekend. i have about two and a half weeks to get this done. his furniture and room are a birthday gift from his nonna, pa pa and us. it is a big present. the other thing i want to/need to get done before then is pimping out my back and front patios for the party, and then just to enjoy until summer. i am very morticia addams like that. i clean up my yard from summer neglect, and get it decorated and cleaned up for winter enjoyment.
so hi! i am feeling very rant-y these days so this is where it is going to go. and the good stuff too. and the boring stuff. all of it. it is my world, after all, and i like it when it is out here, rather than all in there.

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  1. yay!!! Hurray for clean patios, homemade gifts, and 5-year-olds!!