Tuesday, November 10, 2009

you know what stops me?

no pictures. in my head, a blog must have pictures or it is not a proper blog entry. i need to quit thinking that way, or i will skip this too often.

that being said, here is a recent picture that we took of us while laying around in bed one morning, vincent is being a vampire.

my life rocks. you think that is awesome? how about this...
for those of you not obsessed with bollywood, or not close enough to me to have been treated to a screening of rab ne bana de jodi, this is vincent dressed up (of his own accord, i swear!) as a character shah rukh plays in that film. those of you who also love bollywood or have been here for a showing of RNBDJ, yes, that is vincent dressed up as surinder sahni. punjab power, lighting up your life!
speaking of bollywood and the like, my hindi lessons are coming along well. i am on unit 10 of the pimsleur hindi cds and am working on the first row of consonants in devanagari. ka, kha, ga, gha, da, dha...you get it! found this killer tutorial website to help me along, as well as the snell textbook and my recycled business card flash card set, always in my pocket! i have the k's taped up to my desk shelf at work this week. Bahut accha!


  1. you can just have paragraphs about your thoughts and stuff, you know? Can you just jot down stuff on some post its or something through out the day?
    Not that I do that, I'm just saying. I do all my blog entries on Sunday, and then edit them just a bit before posting them. They are hardly even "hot off the press" ha ha!!

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  3. Shucks that was me above, I wasn't signed into my account properly!

    Anyways, cool post and great pics PunkMama!!

    I also like your blogger profile pic. Looks great :)